Dog soldiers

Relive the thrilling moments of the movie Dog Soldiers with these iconic quotes and memorable scenes. Discover the bravery and ferocity of the soldiers as they battle against supernatural creatures.
DOG SOLDIERS - CHRISTOPHER LOVELL - FRIGHT RAGs by ~Lovell-Art on deviantART Christopher Lovell, Fright Rags, Dog Soldiers, Bark At The Moon, Werewolf Art, Vampires And Werewolves, Wolf Wallpaper, World Of Darkness, Classic Monsters

Description Christopher Lovell 2011 Here is a design I did a while back for the horror movie themed clothing line Fright Rags. They asked me to do a design based on the British Horror movie ‘Dog Soldiers’. This was right up my street as I have always liked the film. I wanted to depict a moment as if you had just pushed through some trees and walked straight into a scene of carnage. 6 colours on Black. Awwooo!!!

Brandi Graham