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Create your own dollhouse furniture with these DIY tutorials and patterns. Discover step-by-step instructions and design inspiration to make your dollhouse truly unique.
Greggs Miniature Imaginations: White Cottage and Teaching Myself How to Create Furniture Barbie, Miniature, Diy, Cartonnage, Dollhouse Furniture Tutorials, Dollhouse Furniture, Dollhouse Furniture Plans, Miniature Dollhouse Furniture, Dollhouse Miniatures

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my latest little house I'm calling the White Cottage which I completed in about 5 days and over 30 hours of work. Its made out of heavy duty cardboard and I was inspired again when I should be taking a break from creating, but once again I thought I cant sit still I have to create something. Plus a couple weeks before I tried my hand at making some wing back chairs. I was inspired by a white wing back chair that is pictured below. So I made a rough pattern…

Dollhouse Miniature Furniture - Tutorials | 1 inch minis: MAKING "BUTTONS" FOR 1 INCH SCALE DOLLHOUSE FURNITURE - How to make faux buttons from card stock for 1 inch scale dollhouse furniture. Making Buttons, Dollhouse Furniture Tutorials, Dollhouse Tutorials, Dollhouse Miniature Tutorials, Miniature Dollhouse Furniture, Dollhouse Projects, Miniature Projects, Diy Dollhouse Furniture, Miniature Diy

I was asked by Roberta how I make the "buttons" that I put into the back cushions on my furniture. I thought that was a good topic ...

Anne Cramer
Maison Decor: Creating French Miniatures Miniature, Diy, Art Deco, French Doll House, Dollhouse Decor, Dollhouse Furniture, Diy Dollhouse Furniture, Dolls House Shop, Dollhouse Projects

Creating my own miniature pieces for the dollhouse is exciting. There is a big learning curve, as miniature making is fiddly work, and requires patience and precision. Behold the French Dressing Screen! Sitting at my desk, I created this screen out of paper and paint, with the exception of the legs, which are made from dollhouse staircase balusters. Bristol Paper, which is heavy card stock, is cut according to a pattern found in my favorite book on miniatures: The Big Book of a Miniature…

Bea Cee
Dollhouse Miniature Furniture - Tutorials | 1 inch minis Miniature, Dollhouse Furniture Tutorials, Diy Dollhouse Furniture, Dollhouse Furniture Plans, Dollhouse Furniture, Doll Furniture Diy, Dollhouse Miniatures Diy, Dollhouse Miniature Tutorials, Dollhouse Miniatures

Hello, Hello! I know I missed August. My husband grows a garden every year and I can the vegetables for him. He's a big help with the canning, too. I put up over 115 pounds of tomatoes, mostly made into juice for him, some whole tomatoes for me. Lots of green beans were canned and I made grape jelly. Our blackberries didn't do well so I bought strawberries and peaches and made them into jam. Our pantry shelves are very colorful this year. I saw this cabinet on-line and thought it would make…

Shari Mccormick
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I saw a set of French doors in an ad in a magazine the other day and thought they would make a good tutorial for you. Although I don't make room boxes anymore these did make me want to put them in a scene somewhere. I looked in the Hobby Builders catalog and found some door knobs for French doors. Here is another set with key holes. I don't have any of these so my doors will go knobless for awhile. Use the instructions HOW TO RE-SIZE PATTERNS found in the "Things to do…

Emma Daisy