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Unveil the mysteries surrounding Dr. Simon Glass SCP and delve into a world of intrigue. Discover the secrets and untold stories behind the enigmatic character.
A girl with a normal life and a little too kind personality ended up … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad Foundation, Animation, Fan Art, Headcanon, You Monster, Anime Style, Yandere, Scp, Dr Simon

A girl with a normal life and a little too kind personality ended up waking up in a strange place with strange people saying she's a criminal. How will she reacted, will she break under the pressure or she finally be taken away from her troubles and fall. Little does this girl know that she has many eyes on her, some wanting and pining, some kind and soft, others possessive and crazed... But who knows, maybe this one girl will make it out ok... maybe... -No rape in the story (too your…

Anna Suchecka
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Stuff you should know/ 1. credits to the one who did the art. 2.We also accept constructive criticism. 3.We accept story/oneshot ideas(about the ship) 4.We might include made-up characters/ocs 5.If there are any mistakes like spelling mistakes in any of the oneshots, please comment down. 6. Some of these oneshots are based off songs. 7.Gay and OOC. This oneshot book is still ongoing. Oh, and last warning: It's ooc or at least I think it is.

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