Dressage exercises training

Improve your dressage skills with these effective exercises for training your horse. Discover helpful tips and techniques to enhance your horse's performance and achieve greater success in dressage competitions.
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What’s in Your Ring? Presented by Attwood: Jumping Indoors with Babette Lenna - Eventing Nation - Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary

What’s in Your Ring? is an EN series sponsored by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces in which riders share their favorite jumping exercises. It’s easy to get stuck in a training rut, and we hope this will

Marti Pozzi
Horse Jumping Exercises, Riding Ideas, Dressage Exercises, Horse Training Exercises, Horse Lessons, Horse Arena, Dressage Training, Horse Exercises, Horse Riding Tips

Routines for a Balanced, Engaged Horse

At some point, most riders have wished for something like a magic pill, a solution that will instantly alleviate nagging training issues. Since that is impossible, the next best thing is an arsenal of arena routines whose execution will improve your horse. The exercises in this article will give you a looser, more balanced horse, and will create engagement without excessive effort.

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