Dry bread

Transform dry bread into a tasty treat with these creative ideas. Discover how to add flavor and texture to your bread for a satisfying snack or meal.
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This flattish crusty bread means ‘slipper’ in Italian, a reference to its shape. Its hole-filled structure is excellent for soaking up delicious juices on a plate without falling apart. Recipe: Extract from All You Need to Know to Make Beautiful Breads Bread profile: made from a soft, wet dough; flavoured with olive oil; crisp crust; big, shiny holes in the crumb. Fermentation time: overnight. Ciabatta is quite a 'flat' dough. It's wetter than most. It’s generally one of the softest ones…

Jan Porter
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Recipe video above. This super crusty homemade bread recipe is going to blow your mind! The world’s easiest yeast bread that’s just like the very best artisan bread you pay top dollar for, with an incredible crispy, chewy crust, and big fat holes like sourdough. Recipe is forgiving so don’t fret if things don’t go perfectly, it will be salvageable. SEE NOTES for options like no dutch oven, different yeast, MAKE AHEAD up to 3 days! And tomorrow, make the Cheese Bread version!

Ellen Heenan