Dutch braid bun

Transform your look with a gorgeous Dutch braid bun hairstyle. Whether you're attending a wedding or going for a casual outing, these hairstyles are perfect for any occasion. Try them out now!
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Double Dutch Braid Mini Buns | MISSY SUE

Double Dutch Braid Mini Buns Supplies: Rattail comb Hair sectioning clip Clear elastic bands Medium-hold hairspray Double Dutch Braid Mini Buns Instructions: Step 1 / Begin by parting the hair in a middle part though you could part it wherever you prefer. Step 2 / Then divide out some hair to frame the face. Step 3 / Now divide the hair down the back of the head so it is split into two sections a left and a right side. Step 4 / Clip away the hair on the right side to work with later. Step 5…

Maddie Keefrider