Early signs of alzheimers

Learn about the early signs of Alzheimer's and how to spot them. Take action early and get the support you need for yourself or a loved one.
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My husband's Mom with Alzheimers moved in with us a while ago and I realized pretty early on we have some serious differences in our idea of personal cleanliness. Here are some thoughts about why Alzheimer and Dementia patients don't want to wash AND some tips and ideas about how to get them clean!

Elaine Rough
How your eyes could show early signs of Alzheimer's disease Optical Coherence Tomography, Signs Of Alzheimer's, Pet Scan, Nerve Fiber, Mental Exercises, Biomedical Engineering, Early Intervention, Central Nervous System, Alzheimers

In a new study, researchers have devised a new imaging device capable of measuring both the thickness and texture of the various layers of the retina at the back of the eye. The advance could be used to detect a biomarker of Alzheimer’s disease, potentially offering a widespread early detection tool for the disease. The […]

Shirley Rumfelt