Eat to live diet

Discover a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that are perfect for the Eat to Live diet. Start nourishing your body with nutrient-rich meals and experience the benefits of this lifestyle.
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My whole family has finally decided to take the plunge and follow Dr. Fuhrman's 'Eat to Live' diet. I have done it before off and on, but wasn't fully committed yet. Since I will be blogging all about our Nutritarian diet, I hope that will help me stay on track! We waited until after we had gotten back from our Disney Trip to go all in. Although, I have to say, I'm really impressed at Disney World and the many vegetarian options they are starting to serve every where. I had a DELICIOUS vegan…

Jodi Carpenter
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Have you ever thought about how some people make eating whole food plant based look so easy? They talk about how delicious their recipes are, but it all looks so complicated and you don't even know what half their ingredients are, let alone, where to buy them. Maybe you've seen people in Facebook groups with their success stories & how much weight they've lost & chronic diseases they've reversed, but you can't even figure out how to put one meal together, let alone a whole week's or month's…

Ashley Wells
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The Nutritarian Diet touts impressive health benefits like weight loss, reversing disease, slowing aging, and increasing life expectancy. There aren’t many people who don’t find claims like that pretty appealing, am I right? …But does it live up to the hype? Find out here.

Kathy Swanson