Egg painting

Get inspired with these creative egg painting ideas for your Easter crafts. Discover unique techniques and designs to make your eggs stand out this holiday season.
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One of my favorite parts of any holiday is getting to do fun crafts and projects. Especially when I can involve my toddler. That's why I love this sweet and super simple DIY for decorating Easter eggs. Directions below, and feel free to put your own creative stamp and create your own characters for these.

Carolina Gonzalez
Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian Painted Eggs - What a fun Easter craft! Paint eggs with these favorite Star Wars characters. Easter Egg Painting Characters, Easter Egg Characters Ideas, Egg Easter Ideas, Easter Egg Characters, Egg For Easter, Wood Eggs Painted, Disney Easter Eggs Decorating, How To Paint Eggs For Easter, Character Easter Eggs

Well, I didn’t have to think long to decide what characters to make as this year’s contribution to my Star Wars Easter eggs! It had to be The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda (the Child) of course! Side note: You may be wondering what Star Wars has to do with Easter. The answer is absolutely nothing! […]

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