Egg tofu

Discover a variety of mouthwatering recipes featuring egg tofu. From crispy stir-fries to creamy soups, explore the endless possibilities of this versatile ingredient.
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Soft Tofu with Silky Egg Sauce (20 Minutes) - Tiffy Cooks

This is easy to make, healthy, and super affordable as well! Silky Egg Sauce is the star of the dish; it instantly elevates the stew and coats every rice grain with the sauce. Soft Tofu with Silky Egg Sauce is a vegetarian dish that even meat-lovers will love!

Tofu and Eggs - 10 Minutes Only - Tiffy Cooks Essen, Tofu And Eggs, Asian Egg Recipe, 10 Minute Meal, Tiffy Cooks, Egg Tofu, Asian Noodle Recipes, Fluffy Eggs, Authentic Chinese Recipes

Tofu and Eggs - 10 Minutes Only - Tiffy Cooks

Back with another 10-minute dinner, let’s make Tofu and Eggs. Tofu and Eggs is one of the most underrated combos. The silky tofu paired with rich, fluffy eggs is perfect on top of a bowl of hot rice. Tofu and Eggs is an easy and delicious meal that has been one of my go-to dinners this month, and I promise when you try it, you will love it too! I use dashi powder in this recipe, but if you are vegetarian, you can swap with vegetarian dashi powder that uses seaweed and shiitake mushrooms…

Andrea Callis