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Discover creative and engaging ideas to enhance your elementary art classroom. Inspire young artists with these innovative techniques and projects.
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How-to Guide for a First Year Art Teacher: 10 Steps for Success | Teaching Strategies & Resources - Ms Artastic

Welcome to the How-To Guide for First Year Art Teachers where I give you my 10 Steps for Success! Congratulations! You got your own classroom. OH MY GOSH, you have your own classroom. Your mind and stomach start racing, both with extreme excitement and panic because now, it all just got real. You will have a lot of students, a lot of planning, and a lot of classroom to keep organized. Figuring out where to even start is a huge stress and will require a tea (or a beer) and a nap (probably…

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Classroom Management: A Simple Behavioral System that Kids Love!

Hey there! I tried a new classroom management system this past year and I LOVED it. I shared about it on my Instagram at the start of the school year but hesitated to do so here. I wanted to make sure it was a system I could stick with. If you've read my book, Art Teacherin' 101, then you know I ONLY do systems that are easy and ones I can keep up with. This one...is it. Here's a video of just how it works: And if you need a refresher on my classroom management series (much more to come!)…

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13 Art Classroom Jobs for Students

Discover ideas for art classroom jobs for students in my latest blog post. Learn how to assign and manage these roles to foster responsibility, independence, and a well-organized art room. Perfect for art teachers seeking effective strategies for student engagement at clean-up time.

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Art Room Poster, Art Class Rules and Procedure Poster Bundle, Growth Mindset Printable, Art Classroom Decor, Elementary Art, Middle School - Etsy

This is an art class rules and procedures poster bundle for students to learn and work by in art class. They are perfect to hang up together or in separate places where needed in your art space. It also includes growth mindset posters so students can remember that it is okay to make mistakes and to keep trying! ★ Classroom Decor Printable for Art Teachers ★ Clear and Easy To Read Print ★ Visual Interest To Attract All Eyes ★ Fill Up An Empty Wall Or Bulletin Board ★ Display A Resource For…

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Art for Kids Who Hate Art: All kinds of unconventional art projects for elementary students that will get you buy-in from the most reluctant students. #artseducation #outdooreducation #artclass Elementary Art Choice Board, Art Club Elementary Ideas, Homeschool Art Projects Middle School, Spring Art For Kids Elementary, Art For 5th Grade, Art Projects Elementary School, One Day Art Lessons Elementary, Art Projects For Elementary Students, Projects For Elementary Students

Art for Kids Who “Hate Art”: Unconventional Art Projects for Inside and Outside the Elementary Class

Art for Kids Who Hate Art: All kinds of unconventional art projects for elementary students that will get you buy-in from the most reluctant students. #artseducation #outdooreducation #artclass

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Art Room Systems: 10 Things to Prep for Summer Break

Who wants to spend Summer vacation in a hot, sweaty classroom? If you'd like to reclaim your personal time, check out these 10 THINGS TO PREP FOR SUMMER BREAK. These art room systems will become a yearly routine to help you leave on the last day on time and prepped for the Back to School.

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