Elementary music room

Transform your elementary music room into a vibrant and inspiring space with these creative ideas. Enhance the learning experience for your students and foster a love for music.
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Elementary Music Classroom Tour 2022-2023

It has taken me a while to put together a classroom tour but I am thrilled to have a week of school under my belt and my classroom set up and humming along! The most exciting part of my classroom setup this year is being able to get back to many of the things I haven't been able to do during the pandemic, but I have also added a few new tweaks to my room from my pre-pandemic setup too, so I'm excited to share those as well. First to give you a lay of the land, here's a quick video around the…

Chelsea Foulston
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Helpful Tips for First Year Elementary Music Teachers - Becca's Music Room

First year elementary music teachers face a lot of difficulties-- this is how to get ready for your first year!

Marcia Miller
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What Every Music Teacher MUST Have on their Walls! - Make Moments Matter

What you put on your classroom walls should reflect what you teach. Read this article to get suggestions about what to post, how, and why!

Phzishuang Tan
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Preparing for Your First Elementary Music Teaching Job

Preparing for Your First Elementary Music Teaching Job. Organized Chaos. Top 5 suggestions to help you get ready over the summer for your first elementary music job.

Myriamme Mingolla

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