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Discover the latest trends in emo goth fashion and express your unique dark style. Find inspiration for your wardrobe and create a captivating look that reflects your individuality.
From http://www.blackwaterfall.com All credit goes there...and please do visit! It's a fun site! Different Types Of Goth, Princesa Emo, Perky Goth, Types Of Goth, Goth Memes, Hippie Goth, 80s Goth, Mode Emo, Vampire Goth

Traditional, Romantic, Cyber, Victorian, Medieval, Vampire, Geek, Gothabilly, Steampunk -- and a dozen more stereotypical variations explained at Blackwaterfall. Reposted from 2009 because I ran across this video of a Goth rave at a funeral... YouTube link. ... which naturally got me wondering about the gas masks. I found the best information at a Vice article entitled Why Cybergoth Refuses to Die: Too creepy for the ravers, too neon for the goths, cybergoths occupied a new space entirely…

J Beveri
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We all know that you if you are a non-conformist in any way, people will call you weird or a freak. Conservative people like to slam those who stand out, who aren’t afraid to be different and take a stand against things.

I should have said - Verbal Self Defense Made Easy