Epic costumes

Get ready to level up your costume game with these epic ideas. From superheroes to movie characters, find inspiration to create a showstopping look that will leave everyone in awe.
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66 Dads & Daughters Who Won Halloween Together

There's nothing cuter than seeing dads and their daughters in matching Halloween costumes. Some amazing dads go the extra mile and rather than dressing up their daughters in "girly" outfits and themselves in "manly" ones, they let them choose who they want to be. Even if it means that this year they have to dress up as Princess Leia while the daughter gets to be Han Solo. These dads prove that being manly does not depend on the image, but rather on their actions.

Gary Gertz
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The Halloween Mask I Made For This Year

Don't want to be recognized by some unleashed spirits on the All Hallows Eve? Not sure if you'd like to be lured into the 'other world' too soon? Do not worry; the Halloween costumes are there for a reason. Traditionally, they were meant to be worn so that the ghosts and spirits wouldn't recognize you and cause you no harm. Today, it's more of a fun tradition, when you can be somebody else, at least for a day. If in the olden days the disguise were more about witches and ghosts, now you can…

Layla Tellez