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Description Oh my goodness, I finally finished this thing. Never again. A lot of stuff got in the way of this:/ Mostly the hostile takeover of my computer when it forced itself to update to windows 8.1 Literally the devil. My computer has been slow and unbearable in photoshop. I've had to create a new account to do things:/ SO anyways! Here we are. I'm done. Here's my post-IC characters as well as the original cast that are riders/still alive in my fic-verse. If you don't know about it, you…

Jo Browning
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Fans were devastated at the potential loss of a fan-favorite character, Murtagh, at the end of Eragon. Throughout the start of Eldest, it remained clear that the hero from Eragon was gone for good, joining the likes of Brom. It wasn’t until later in the book that fans realized the exciting yet equally upsetting news: