Essential oil blends for witches

Enhance your witchcraft practice with these enchanting essential oil blends. Discover powerful combinations to amplify your spells and rituals and create an aura of magic in your space.
Sodalite Crystal & Essential Oil Roller Ball Blend for Intuition - The Witch of Lupine Hollow Essential Oil Blends, Essential Oils Aromatherapy, Essential Oil Blends Recipes, Essential Oil Diffuser Blends Recipes, Essential Oil Combinations, Essential Oil Blends Roller, Essential Oil Diffuser Blends, Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes, Essential Oil Perfume

A recipe for an essential oil roller ball blend to be used before and during divination to heighten your intuition. Includes a review of gemstone roller balls by The Inspired Spirit!

Magen Forester
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Moon phases have long been a mystery to me. In many ways, they still are even though I've developed an understanding and appreciation for the new and full moon. I'm remedying that by reading Moonology *. If you're new to the moon phases, maybe it will help and inspire you, too. The idea for

Charlene Martin
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Scent List of all our phthalate free fragrances, please don't hesitate to ask for another scent, we may have it. ♥ Large custom orders may request other scents ♥ Holiday Scent List is Seasonal you may request a Scent on this list for a non-holiday candle

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