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Want to delight your social media friends? Borrow from this list of funny quotes and sayings for Facebook status, and enjoy some great laughs yourself!

Jennifer Burt
What kind of Facebook friend are you? | Half Crazy Mama Humour, Facebook Status Update, Facebook Quotes, Relatable Posts, Facebook Status, Facebook Humor, E Card, Ecards Funny, Laura Lee

Facebook has become a place to connect with old friends, meet new friends, share information, read news, shop for clothing, judge others parenting skills, read movie reviews, question people’s life choices, and so much more. We all have those friends on Facebook that we quietly click “I don’t want to see this” on their posts. So here is the question, what kind of Facebook friend are you? The Political Preacher- This is the friend that CONSTANTLY posts about their political views and argues…

lisa graham
117 Painfully Funny Work Memes That Anyone Who Has Worked At Least Once Might Relate To, As Shared On This Facebook Page (New Pics) Humour, Short Jokes Funny, Sarcasm Only, Lone Ranger, Work Memes, Memes Humor, Weekend Fun, Life Memes, Anti Social

Show me a person who says they love every aspect of their job and I'll show you a butt kisser. Whether it's dealing with obnoxious customers, attending tiring meetings that could've been emails, or filing extensive paperwork because nobody at the company figured out a way to optimize that process, every position has its annoyances.

Jennifer Brown