Facial extractions

Improve the health and clarity of your skin with professional facial extractions. Discover the benefits and techniques to achieve a radiant complexion and say goodbye to clogged pores.
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Don't pick at home! You may hear us estheticians nag about this all the time. I, an esthetician, pick at my skin sometimes. I know, tisk tisk. It's definitely a habit hard to break and I get it, but if you can, try and avoid it. When we pick at our skin, we are risking getting bacteria into the pore, we risk spreading infection if that pimple has bacteria in it, we also risk pushing that bacteria deeper into the pore than it already was and these can lead to scarring, inflammation, more…

Stacey Vrijling
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Performing extractions properly is one of the most important skills we can have as an esthetician. This month I want to share extraction tips that all estheticians should be following. These tips make the extraction process easier for professionals and leave clients fully satisfied with their facial results.

Morgan Flynn
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Double-head Blackhead Remover Tools : The 5Pcs pimple popper tool kit helps to extract different shape blackhead, pimple,acne, comedone,whitehead easily. Anti-allergic Design: The pimple needle designed with electroplated stainless steel,It won't cause sensitivity issues, suit for all types of skin. Anti-slip Handle Design: Help you better control the pressure, ensure accuracy use to avoid damage to the skin. Great for Travel: The comedone extractor tool store in a metal box to keep them…

Nayeli Sanchez