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Find the perfect family movie for a fun and memorable movie night. Explore a variety of genres and discover movies that will entertain and bring your family together.
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The Ultimate 90's Family Movie List to watch with your kids I don't know if it's the nostalgia or the fact that any movies that recently came out are re-makes but, 90's movies are just the best! Can't you agree? Are you having trouble figuring out what 90's movies to show your own kids? I got you covered! I bet you some of these will spark you remembering a movie you had forgotten all about! My favorite thing about showing these movies to our girls is them seeing the technology & fashion…

Renae Compton
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Overlooked, Under-Hyped or Older Favorites You Might Have Missed What are the best movies for kids? We have four small kids and love Dinner & a Movie Night! Since you already know about all the "Avengers" and "Harry Potter" movies, these are the OTHER recommendations for families. Not too scary. Classics that have aged well.

Golden Dragon
Lovers long for the moment their souls may blend in a whisper

Lovers long for the moment their souls may blend in a whisper

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