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Learn about the fascinating lives and accomplishments of famous historical figures. Explore the stories and legacies of these influential individuals who shaped our world.
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We all know what famous personalities of the modern day look like, but it's a whole different topic when it comes to history. Most of them were portrayed by artists who were influenced by the trends and technologies of their day, and their own unique style was a factor too. It's not rare that one single person looked completely differently depending on the artist. So naturally, we come to wonder what they really looked like. And the current technology powered by computers and artificial…

Artist Lets Us Get A Glimpse Of What These 20 Famous Historical And Popular Figures 'Really' Looked Like | Bored Panda Portrait, People, Portraits, Celebrities, Face, Asker, Fotos, Human, Kunst

Being born in the modern age, we often forget how different things were before us. People could only know what someone looked like based on an artist's subjective vision or a grainy black-and-white photo. Despite the efforts of the artists, paintings can rarely achieve the level of realism that pictures can. And thus, people often wonder how some of the most famous historical figures really looked with all of the subjectiveness removed from the image. Bas Uterwijk, a photographer from…

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People wonder, what some of the most famous historical figures really looked like? Bas Uterwijk provides the answer to this aching question. About a year ago, he started creating images with neural networks trained on a huge variety of human faces.

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