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Unleash your creativity and bring your fantasy world to life with these expert tips on map making. Design unique landscapes and navigate your imagination with ease.
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If you want the coastlines to look like they’re popping off the page, then adding some cliffs is a great way to do it. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do and it will instantly make your map look much more professional. In this Map Tip, you will learn some simple techniques to help your maps stand o

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How to Draw a Waterfall on Your Fantasy Maps - Map Effects Tutorial - For Your Next RPG Campaign or Novel How To Draw Mountains, Mountain Drawing, Drawing Tutorial, Drawn Map, Map Sketch, Fantasy Map Making, Sketch Book, Fantasy Map Drawing Ideas, Easy Drawings

A waterfall is an iconic feature to include on your fantasy maps and something you don't see enough. In this tutorial, you will learn some simple steps to walk you through how to draw a waterfall on your map for your next rpg or book. Let’s start mapping!

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Drawing Top Down Cliffs On Your Fantasy Map — MapEffects | Josh Stolarz Art, Map Projects, Map Maker, Fantasy Map Making, Map Sketch, Map Art, Fantasy Map Maker, Illustrated Map, Drawn Map

One of the biggest challenges with fantasy maps in a top down perspective is they tend to look a bit flat. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks you can use to build up the layers of the landscape to give a sense of depth. In this Map Tip we’ll be looking at how to draw cliffs on a coastline in

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I’ve realised I have a particular workflow for drawing coastlines in my maps. Here’s a quick walkthrough. Each step is done on a new layer in photoshop, and I use a 5px hard round brush in each case with size set to pressure. However, all of these steps can be done in Gimp – or … Continue reading "How to Draw Coastlines on a Fantasy Map"

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