Fate zero

Experience the thrilling adventures and complex characters of the Fate Zero series. Dive into the captivating storylines and immerse yourself in the battle between mages and their summoned heroes.
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Izuku Midoriya, the boy who's next in line to becoming a hero that he ever dreamed of. Until something happened... He suddenly disappeared but nobody is there to notice it. He opened his eyes, shocked and confused to where he is. Then, a vision appeared into his mind as he saw many battles of warriors. He was confused why is he seeing this until he felt that he's lying on somewhere and he saw himself lying on a snowy field. It seems this situation is unfortunate for him. Will he be okay in…

Annie Bunny

Anime picture fate/zero type-moon irisviel von einzbern emiya kiritsugu yinanhuanle long hair tall image short hair highres black hair sitting white hair eyes closed night dark background girl dress boy window 2953x4724 234557 en

Pein Ozomaki

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