Fatty acids

Discover the many benefits of fatty acids and how they contribute to a healthy body. Learn about the different types of fatty acids and find out how you can incorporate them into your diet for optimal health.
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13 Omega-3 Rich Foods That Aren’t Fish

Everyone knows that Omega-3 fatty acids are good for you. With super power abilities like lowering blood pressure, reducing triglycerides, slowing down the production of plaque in the arteries and promoting heart health. Here is a list of 13 foods high in omega-3 that aren’t fish.

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These 3 Fatty Acids Fight Depression, Cancer and Boost Brain Power | DanetteMay

Chances are that you have heard of Omega-3s, and you likely also know that they're good for you. They help fight depression and anxiety. They can improve your eye and heart health and they fight inflammation. You probably also have a pretty good idea of what foods are high in Omega-3s: Fatty fish like mackerel, […]

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The eight fatty acids that make up our soap molecules include four saturated fatty acids- myristic, lauric, palmitic, and stearic, and four unsaturated fatty acids- ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic. Each fatty acid is saponified and creates a sodium or potassium salt of a fatty acid or a soap. If there are eight fatty acids, this also means that there are eight different soaps. The length of the hydrocarbon chain and the number of double bonds in the carbonylic-acid portion of the fat Hot Process Soap, Fats And Oils, Singular Nouns, Skin Advice, Anatomy Physiology, Unsaturated Fats, Styles Men, Soap Maker, Linoleic Acid

Fatty Acids for Beginners: Why Every Soap Maker Needs to Learn Them FIRST

The knowledge and understanding of fatty acids is essential to the soap making and recipe formulating process. Continue reading to find out more about fatty acids and soap making! One of the most common questions that I am asked as a teacher is “What are the different oils and what are their benefits are in soap making?” This is an amazing question and with it comes an amazing answer. If you asked this same question in a soap making forum or in a soap making Facebook group, the answers…

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