Faux window

Transform any room with these creative faux window ideas. Add depth and style to your space with a faux window that brings the outdoors in.
Make a faux window so you can have a great view anywhere you are, any time of year, day or night.  #woodworking #workshop #decor #home #picture #photo #carpentry How To Disguise A Window, Faux Window Decor, How To Make A Fake Window On A Wall, Fake Windows Ideas, Diy Fake Window Light, Fake Window Ideas Illusions, Faux Windows Basement, Fake Window Ideas, Faux Window Ideas

Faux Window With Your Favourite View: This Instructable is about how I made a faux window with a nice view. It's a picture frame with a twist. It would be great if you were living in an apartment with no view, or on a large wall in your home. It's a great way to remember a favourite pla…

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Decorating, Decor and Indoor Designing - Faux window for windowless bedroom - Okay, we just finished this project and I'd like some feedback. Does it look real enough? What could we improve upon? This was a test run for 2 more faux windows I want to build. My dining room has no windows and the kitchen behind it has two

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