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I'm sorry you felt you were begging for love. That's probably because I'm not there. Again, the situation. You don't believe this, but I loved you every single second. Yes, I need to cook, clean, serve others. I'm a dad so I need to give time. But no one had more of me than you. If you still felt like you were begging for love, then I'm sorry you felt that way. I just don't know what else I can do. You do deserve to be happy. You do deserve not having to beg for love. You deserve it all.

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Attention to every introvert out there: there's a perfect comic series for you. "Where's My Bubble", drawn by a self-taught artist called Debbie, perfectly portrays the daily struggles of an introverted person living in an extroverted world. The clever title indicates a lost feeling of safety and anxiety which starts when an introvert leaves the place he considers his "bubble".

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