French apple tart

Indulge in the irresistible flavors of French apple tart. Discover mouthwatering recipes to make your own at home and treat yourself to a slice of heaven.
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This striking tart is all about the apples, and — believe it or not — it’s fairly simple to make. The crust is the pat-in-the-pan variety, and a mandoline makes quick work of slicing. For the most beautiful results, use firm tart apples with red or pink skin like Honeycrisp, Empire or Cortland, and stand the slices up vertically, rather than laying them flat. This tart is best the day it's made, but the shell can be made a day in advance, if you’d like to break up the work a bit. If you keep…

Luwanna Rhonemus
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Ina Garten's French apple tart recipe is making its rounds on social media right now. People can't get enough of this sweet apple tart recipe! While it does look a little intimidating to make, The Barefoot Contessa says it's pretty simple. Serve this tasty apple tart recipe for dessert after...

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