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Need some clever and funny comebacks? Check out these witty and hilarious comebacks that will leave everyone laughing. Be prepared for any situation with these quick-witted responses.
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Most of us have a landlord or two throughout our lives. These are the people we pay to put a roof over our heads, but it turns out that landlords can often be much more. Would you believe that some of them even have a sense of humor?It doesn’t matter if their funny bone seems to be playing up as some landlords are funny all without trying. Yes, it turns out that some people really do think they can get away with saying certain things to their tenants.

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Online dating is wild. You swipe through a catalog of profiles that people (who you probably have never met) purposefully made for themselves to appear funny, smart, creative, confident, kind, positive, ambitious, well-read in the classics (but not so much that it would make them a snob), and, of course, attractive, all for the sole purpose of catching your attention and try to find someone who you could like in real life and would also fall for your 'advertisement.'