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My Friend Sent Me This 2 Months Ago

Just because people choose to be kind doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of this kindness. That sounds about right, doesn’t it, dear Pandas? Unfortunately, some people have so little shame that they flaunt their greed and beg for money openly. In the digital age, that’s easier to do now than ever.

Bored Panda
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7 Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking where you can share the link to your new GoFundMe campaign. Whether you’re trying to promote it and get more donations or just get your story out there, I think that this list will be helpful. But! I will say this. Spamming your link around the internet is not the best way to get donations. In fact, I think it’s the least effective way, and you’ll probably be wasting your time doing it. I explain the real way to rack up donations on GoFundME with my…

Pamela Polk