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Explore innovative guerilla marketing strategies that can help your business stand out from the competition. Discover how to create buzz, engage your target audience, and increase brand awareness.
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Looking to generate some buzz? Well, these guerilla marketing ideas should do just the trick. True to their name, guerilla marketing ideas do not conform to the conventional way of doing business. Here are 9 brilliant guerilla marketing examples and ideas.

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Here is 2016's most obnoxious (but fun) billboard so far. McDonald's has more than 1,000 drive-thru locations in France. Burger King has fewer than 20. So, McDonald's is using this fact to flame-broil its rival in the most absurd fashion—by putting up a huge temporary billboard that gives driving directions to the nearest—very far away—BK drive-thru.

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Metamucil is a remedy against constipation. An issue more people suffer from than you would expect. They just feel uncomfortable to talk about it. Our objective was clear: strengthen brand name awareness for Metamucil, link it to constipation and make the issue of constipation as 'easy to talk about' as possible. Strategic approach: Budget was limited, so we needed bold work to make impact. Secondly, we wanted to stay away from medical or pharmaceutical connotations to keep barriers low. In…

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