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"Charr Clothing and Female Art Direction | Guild Wars 2" by Kristen Perry Charr Guild Wars 2 Art, Guild Wars Charr, Skaven Female, Guild Wars 2 Concept Art, Charr Gw2, Guild Wars 2 Art, Anthro Anatomy, Fantasy Ideas, Guild Wars 2

The charr race originated in the first Guild Wars. They were temperamental, combative, fierce, clever and determined fighters of a singular mind and mission to make trouble with any human they happened upon. When it came to this human in designing their clothing and their ladies, apparently that applied to me as well. . The charr are one of the five playable races for the MMO Guild Wars 2, created for ArenaNet. | (The game is free to play now, go…

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ArtStation - Designing and Redesigning the Sylvari | Guild Wars 2, Kristen Perry Guild Wars, Tumblr, Science Fiction Art Retro, Cyberpunk Armor, Warriors Game, Guild Wars 2, Alien Races, Fantasy Races, Robot Art

Describing the character art direction for the sylvari player race in Guild Wars 2, this is a revisit and update to the original blog post for the debut reveal. The game blog is no longer available, but I thought there may be those who would be interested in exploring the thoughts, concepts and considerations I developed while creating the visual direction for the player race. I hope you enjoy! The sylvari race is one of the five playable races for the MMO Guild Wars 2, created for ArenaNet…

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