Halloween chic decor

Elevate your Halloween decor with chic and stylish ideas that will impress your guests. Discover how to create a sophisticated and spooky ambiance for your celebration.
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Feel like throwing a Halloween dinner party to remember? This post is going to give you some creative ideas to have yourv very own Spooky Soiree that everyone will Remember! It's that spine-chilling, pumpkin-spiced time of year again when the veil between our world and the spirit realm grows th

Jasmyn Burke
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Last year we had the bats—this year I bring you birds, branches and bones for a Spooky Chic Halloween… In last week’s Halloween decorating ideas post, I shared the inspiration behind this year’s theme and a roundup of my top designer-approved products. I was late to the decorating game this year and needed something quick, […]

Eleanor Luna
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Confession time: Jack-o-lanterns aside, I’ve never really loved Halloween decor. Just looking at those fake spiderwebs that people stretch across their yards makes me feel itchy. And a lot of the Halloween decor that you see at the store just seems well, cheap. Lately, though, I’ve been spotting some decor ideas that are starting to redeem Halloween for me: dark, moody, stylish looks that capture the spooky spirit of the holiday without even a hint of the dollar store.

Debbie Jenkins