Halloween recycled decorations

Get into the spooky spirit with these creative Halloween decorations made from recycled materials. Find inspiration and learn how to make your own eco-friendly decorations for a green Halloween celebration.
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Description Since I decided I wanted to make my Halloween yard look cool and different (as well as eco friendly and cheap) I made these to reuse some old milk gallons I had in the back. After Halloween I'll be making a step by stem photo Tutorial on how to make these, as well as how to add glowsticks to them! and when you're done, you dispose of the glowsticks and recycle the milk carton! nothing that needs to be stored over the year, with the worries of animals, rain, or the sun getting to…

Sandy Smith
HALLOWEEN FAUX BURNING CANDLES DIY Just as I suspected! An awesome use for tp rolls! Diy Halloween Decorations, Halloween Crafts, Halloween Prop, Home-made Halloween, Halloween Decorations, Spooky Halloween, Halloween, Halloween Make, Halloween Diy

EASY HALLOWEEN FAUX BURNING CANDLES DIY You'll need: Wrapping paper tubes or paper towel tubes or TP tubes, hot glue gun & glue sticks, flat black spray paint, and battery operated tea lights from Dollar Tree. Pretty and no fire danger! After picking the perfect spot for each tube, I glued them together to stay in place, then hot glued around the rims (drippy & wax-like) & finished it off with a few coats of flat black spray paint. before & after with battery operated tea lights. Such a…

Kimberly Ryan