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Get ready to transform your body with these top workout ideas that will help you achieve a hard, toned physique. Start your fitness journey and see amazing results.
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“How to get six-pack abs?” is probably the most sought after question there is in the fitness world. Everyone wants to know what the latest ab exercises are, will it give them an extra edge to the previous ones, what kinds of food to eat to achieve it as quickly as possible and how to structure their ab training program. In order to help you in your pursuit of building a shredded midsection we’ve made a list of the 10 most asked questions and answered them accordingly to achieve those…

Paolo Boccardi
30 Days of Motivation: You Can Tough it Out Abs, Fitness, Fitness Models, Fitness Babes, Fitnes, Fitness Photos, Fitness Girls, Fitness Inspiration, Ab Training

Tough Times I wish I could claim this brilliant quote, but it was actually the encouraging words from “Watson”, played by Lucy Lui, to young college girl (played by Melissa Farman) after losing her mom on Episode #11 in the new Sherlock Holms show called “Elementary” on CBS. Of course there is no deeper pain than losing a loved one, but there are many other deep pains that can make life tough. The stressed of life can weigh us down so much that we can find it extremely difficult to get out…