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Immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter with these magical ideas that will delight fans of all ages. From DIY crafts to themed parties, discover how to bring the magic of Hogwarts into your life.
Daniel Radcliffe: Does He Keep In Touch With ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Stars? �– Hollywood Life Emma Watson Rupert Grint, Daniel Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson, Harry Potter Ron And Hermione, Harry Potter Jk Rowling, Stile Harry Potter, Tapeta Harry Potter, Harry And Hermione, Hp Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe revealed where his relationships currently stand with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who played Ron and Hermione in the ‘Harry Potter’ film series.

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Your Soulmate: Seamus Finnigan Your House: Gryffindor When you get together: Sixth year "I swear, if I fail another one of Slughorn's exams, I'm leaving Hogwarts and living among the muggles-" You groan, taking a seat in between Dean and Seamus in The Great Hall, "actually, it won't matter. My mum will murder me first." After an overly stressful potions class, you wanted nothing more than to...

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