Harry styles pretty

Explore the enchanting beauty of Harry Styles and discover why he is considered the epitome of pretty. Find out what makes him so captivating and irresistible, and join the millions of fans who are under his spell.
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CEO Styles - Chapter 3 - Right now

Harry Styles, 26 year old CEO of Styles Inc. multi-million dollar company. Some would describe him as the biggest asshole, man whore and most intimidating man on earth and no one would even dare to disobey Mr. Harry Styles. That is Harry Styles to everyone else except to his precious 4 year old daughter, Haley. Janelle Wilson, 24 year old who is looking to move on from her rough past and ending up in front of Harry Styles himself. How will Harry and Janelle's story turn out? Will there ever…

Melissa Wren