Healthy sushi

Discover a variety of delicious and healthy sushi recipes that will satisfy your cravings. From classic rolls to creative twists, explore the best sushi ideas to make at home and enjoy a nutritious meal.
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Cucumber Wrapped Sushi Roll — saltnpepperhere

The love child between a Japanese maki and a smoked salmon tea sandwich! Refreshing cucumber, vinegared rice, savoury smoked salmon, creamy avocado and cream cheese. They're delicious little bites perfect for brunch, as an appetizer or a fun minimal-cook meal.

Looking for sushi recipes for beginners? We have the best homemade cucumber sushi roll that everyone will love! This healthy cucumber snack is so easy to make. Give our cucumber rolls appetizers a try! Appetizer Finger Foods, Cucumber Snack Recipes, Sushi Recipes For Beginners, Healthy Sushi Rolls, Keto Cucumber, Keto Finger Foods, Cucumber Sushi Rolls, Homemade Sushi Rolls, Healthy Sushi Recipes

Delicious Rolled Cucumber Appetizers: The Best Healthy Cucumber Sushi Recipe (low carb)

Looking for cucumber appetizers recipes to try? We have the best DIY cucumber sushi roll that everyone will love! This cucumber snack is so easy to make. Give our cucumber sushi wrap a try! It is an easy snack for the whole family and can be made with smoked salmon, raw sushi grade salmon, or canned tuna fish too. This low carb version of a Japanese sushi recipe is a must.

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Crab Maki Roll – Make Sushi at home - Suga Bite

It doesn't have to be expensive, there is so many different recipes you can try at home and save money.💰 They can be super expensive to eat out, once you find your way making it at home, you won't stop trying. I recommend you to try this one, it will not disappoint you. It is Crab maki sushi roll - easy to make at home and most delicious way of crab roll! Definitely recommend to try the recipe, if you like crab you will love it.

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