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Discover the fascinating history of men's fashion through the ages. From ancient civilizations to modern trends, explore iconic styles and get inspired to incorporate historical elements into your wardrobe.
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Rest•less unable to rest or relax After discovering her family and her powers life continued to be hectic for Maya and all of Storybrooke. From Curses to Queens, she's been through a lot and now she's onto another adventure: finding her best friend. Not only will she have to fight her way to him, she'll have to find herself, accept her family, and become the brave princess she is meant to be. Who knows what else she will find along the way? *Before reading this you might want to read the…

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How are Victorian men's formal wear different than today's tuxedo? This is a topic I had to research for my husband's Victorian wedding suit (above). Protocol in formalwear changed over the seven Victorian era decades, but the general look and feel is similar throughout and not entirely far off from today's white-tie evening wear. The

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A well-dressed Victorian man needs a quality suit, tie, shoes, a hat, and accessories to reenact the era. Victorian working classes need durable clothing and boots to withstand the elements. We have found many men's Victorian clothing options online to help with your shopping for a Civil War, Dickens Fair, Pioneer, Old West, Steampunk, party

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