Homemade watercolors

Discover how to make your own homemade watercolors and add a burst of color to your art projects. Get inspired with top ideas and unleash your creativity today.
Stakiwi Colours Binder Recipe 1-part Gum Arabic (Acacia Gum) powder (125 grams) 2 parts boiled water Glycerin (1 tablespoon) Painting & Drawing, Diy, Eco Dyeing, Homemade Watercolors, How To Make Paint, Recipe Binders, Diy Watercolor, Homemade Paint, Nature Paintings

I get a lot of questions about making watercolor paints. The most common question being, how do I make the binder? You know what? I totally understand why you would ask a watercolor maker this question. First off, good on you for asking. It's okay to ask. Hopefully the person you have asked is happy to share their knowledge with you. I've come to know a lot of watercolor makers personally and I have to say that a majority of them are more than happy to share their wisdom. The

Sallie Wolf