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Quench your thirst with a variety of delicious and refreshing Honest Tea flavors. Explore our top picks and discover your new favorite beverage.
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In 2011, Coca-Cola acquired Honest Tea—a small, but rapidly growing brand. Like many ambitious companies who’ve attracted high-powered benefactors, Honest Tea began to ask itself: “So, how do we become a billion-dollar brand?” It was around this time that Ami Mathur, currently general manager and head of marketing, joined Honest Tea. To scale the brand, […]

Aitor Zaro
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With distribution in over 100,000 accounts across the U.S., Honest Tea has now set its sights on increasing brand awareness and, today, launched its first integrated marketing campaign. Dubbed 'Refreshingly Honest,' the campaign will emphasize Honest Tea's use of healthy and organic ingredients and incorporates a variety of ad mediums including television, social media, and outdoor signage.

Dana McCauley