How to build a fake tree

Learn how to build a fake tree that looks like the real deal. Follow these step-by-step instructions and create a stunning decorative piece for your home or garden.
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My husband and I have started an unconventional Christmas tree tradition. With half this year gone we're already trying to plan for this year's! This past year we based our tree on a popular paper bag craft I saw on Pinterest where you twist and cut the ends to create branches. Instead of a miniature paper bag tree I suggested we built a giant paper bag out of Kraft paper and create a life size version.

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Quick prop build of a foam tree stump using cardboard and foam in a can. Ok, who planted the tree in the living room... Patel Conservatory [] needed a prop tree stump for an upcoming student production. The specifications were 2ftx2ft, a child needs to be able to move it, and someone will be sitting on it. From cardboard to the final shape, in about an hour, time lapsed down to 5 minutes. I speak, offering up the sum of my…

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The 10 foot tree build began with the trunk. I was able to get most of what I needed from my local OSH Hardware. I decided it would be 7 feet high, leaving room for another 3 feet or so of branches. I used 12 inch wide concrete form tubes. The ones in stock were only 4 feet high so I needed two (cutting one down to 3 feet high). I glued and screwed four 1x2 furring strips inside the first tube. These act as ribs reinforcing the trunk and also became where I added shelf brackets securing it…

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The tree creation epic continues with branch making. I wanted the five branches of the tree to be sturdy, but also as light as possible. I used 1" PVC pipes as a "bone" for each branch. They needed to be bent into the right shape. First, I traced the previously made foam core branch pattern/mock up onto a wood board. Starting at the thinnest part of the branch outline, I placed one end of PVC pipe between two large nails. I softened the PVC with a heat gun and began to bend it, conforming to…

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