How to shorten pants

Learn how to shorten pants with these simple DIY techniques. Transform your wardrobe and achieve the perfect fit with these helpful step-by-step instructions.
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Lot's of alterations going on these days. So here are the steps I'm following to shorten pants. 1. First of all put them on, while wearing the pair of shoes you are going to wear them with and decide the desired length. Mark it with a few pins or tailor's chalk. One leg will do, you don't have to mark both. You may need the help of a friend in this step. I'm shortening a pair of black pants, which is a versatile garment for my wardrobe and I plan wearing it both with heels and flats, so I…

Traci Delk
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Greetings my friends and a big Aussie hello to you all today. I hope that you learnt a new fitting technique from the previous post How to Lengthen Your Back Rise in relation to the new Harper Pants Pattern. For today’s post I am going to share with you the method on shortening your front [...]

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