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Lethrblaka are the Ra'zac's children. There are only two but they can fly and have a poisonous bite. Eragon Fan Art, The Inheritance Cycle, Eragon Saphira, Dragon Riders, Inheritance Cycle, Christopher Paolini, Got Dragons, Ancient Languages, Fantasy Stuff


The Lethrblaka, known as the Nrech to the Urgals, is the adult form of the Ra'zac. In the Ancient Language, their name means "Leather-flapper". They could and did hunt anything in Alagaësia. Oromis stated in Eldest that it was strongly believed by the Riders that the Lethrblaka had followed the humans to Alagaësia. Only two of these creatures survived the Ra'zac War. The elves and the riders tried to eradicate the Ra'zac and Lethrblaka as quickly as possible. However, this well-deserved…

Chapnrex Callahan
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Travel to the Battle of the Burning Plains to witness the epic battle of ‘Thorn versus Saphira’ - Shur'tugal

Fans were devastated at the potential loss of a fan-favorite character, Murtagh, at the end of Eragon. Throughout the start of Eldest, it remained clear that the hero from Eragon was gone for good, joining the likes of Brom. It wasn’t until later in the book that fans realized the exciting yet equally upsetting news: