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Improve your Italian pronunciation with these expert tips and techniques. Learn how to pronounce Italian words correctly and speak like a native speaker with confidence.
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Crash Course: Italian is the culmination of a semester living in Florence, Italy, and studying at Studio Art Centers International. This poster provides easy access to grammar and pronunciation, vocabulary, and commonly used phrases in a quick-reference format. I collected content from my professors, neighbors, and peers and produced the original version as a 5-color screenprint.

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When someone says “Thank you!” in English, there is more than one way we can respond depending on the formality of the situation and who we are talking to. Unsurprisingly the same applies to the Italian language. In this article, we take a look at ten of the most popular ways of responding to “Grazie!” ... Read more

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Call me a killjoy, but swearing bothers me in any language. Whereas others might assail one another with flying f-words and references to bodily excrements, I am more partial to euphemisms. And let’s be honest – they are often far more entertaining and effective than swear words themselves! In this article, you will find many ... Read more

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Although Italian has gained the reputation of being a “phonetic language” – meaning that there is a direct relationship between the spelling and sounds – there are a few pesky letters that aren’t always pronounced in the same way. We already looked at the letter C a few months ago, and today we’re going to ... Read more