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Enhance the elegance of your designs with beautiful italic font styles. Discover top ideas to add a touch of sophistication and creativity to your projects.
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This month I've got three FREE fonts to showcase that will make great headlines and display usage. One Art Deco, one futuristic sketch, and one italic calligraphic script make for awesome inspiration and great additions to your typographic toolbox. Check it out - you know you want to...

Bria Garcia
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**THE FONT STORY //** The Fabello handmade font was created to embody my recent design work and lettering style. The font creates a timeless feel while tipping its cap to the past with its vintage-inspired lines. The crisp lines will fool you but zoom in and you get a nice organic wave. **USE FOR THIS FONT //** With its bold feel and touch of organic, this font is meant to be versatile. It is perfect for all projects that need anything from a naturally bold or a simple thin style. I…

maria gentile
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Bookman Bold Italic Swash as shown in a TypeShop catalog from 1973. In the history included in his Bookmania specimen (pdf), Mark Simonson comments: “Along with Bookman Bold with Swash, it originated sometime in the mid-1960s. I have so far been unable to find out who designed and produced it. I think of it as the ‘Sixties Bookman'. […] Sixties Bookman expanded on ATF Bookman’s modest but distinctive swash character repertoire with 25 in the roman and 47 in the italic.” One unfortunate thing…

anthony d