Kate smith

Explore the fascinating life and enduring legacy of Kate Smith, an iconic figure in music and entertainment. Discover her achievements, contributions, and the impact she made on the world.
Singer Kate Smith was born today 5-1 in 1907. Many US boomers grew up seeing her guesting on TV shows and singing the song God Bless America she made so famous. She passed in 1986. Worcester, Fan, Singer, People, Elizabeth Smith, Irving Berlin, Kate Smith, Great Women, The Good Old Days

How well I remember Kate Smith. My father was a huge fan and I recall vividly him calling to me when she was on television. I think I fell in love with that voice because of him . . . he had good taste. Of course her career started on radio decades before I was born but I do remember those days in the 1960's to mid 70's when variety shows such as Ed Sullivan, Hollywood Palace, Sonny & Cher and Donny & Marie, etc were at their peak. Kate Smith was on all of them. Even at that young age I…

Christine Janousek