Kathiyawadi horse

Immerse yourself in the world of Kathiyawadi horses and experience their elegance and spirit. Learn about their rich history and find out how you can connect with these majestic creatures.
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The Marwari is a rare breed of horse indigenous to India with a very interesting physical trait: inwardly curving ears that touch or overlap when pricked and can swivel 180 degrees. Check it out: Top photo: indigenoushorsesofindia.blogspot.com [flickr.com/photos/satyendraphotography] [flickriver.com] [ilovehorses.net] [pinterest.com] [ponyisland.net] [indigenoushorsesofindia.blogspot.com] [indigenoushorsesofindia.blogspot.com] [astridharrisson.com] [dooyoo.co.uk] Go Marwari Horses.