Kayak fishing tips

Catch more fish on your kayak fishing trips with these expert tips. Learn the best techniques and strategies to enhance your fishing experience and improve your chances of landing a big catch.
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There’s a ton of advice out there for how to set up your kayak for fishing and you probably won’t have a tough time finding recommendations for how to catch more fish when kayak angling. But that still leaves out the troublesome question of where to put fish on your kayak once you catch them. ... Read more

Adam Miller
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Today’s kayaks are indeed formidable fishing boats. Though diminutive, they have ample tackle storage space and allow anglers to put rod holders and other accessories anywhere they desire. Able to handle almost any electronics from wee LCD sonar units to full-scale GPS/side-scan sonar displays, kayaks can put the angler on fish and fishy structure with style. But sonar and storage are just for starters. Here are six other often-overlooked kayak essentials for your fish-catching machine.

Adam Acevedo