Keyboard typing

Improve your typing skills and increase your productivity with these expert tips and techniques for keyboard typing. Start typing faster and more accurately today!
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Source Computer Hope As you can see in the picture below, your left-hand fingers should be placed over the A, S, D, and F keys and your right-hand fingers should be placed over the J, K, L, and ; keys. These keys are considered the home row keys. Your…

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What is Keyboarding (also known as "Touch Typing")? Touch typing is an automatic or sub-conscious skill, where all ten fingers are used. It enables fast and accurate entry of characters onto the computer screen, without looking down at the keyboard and without searching for keys. Keyboarding Objectives for the 9 weeks: To obtain adequate keyboarding skills that will enable you to use the computer more efficiently and effectively and be more productive. To practice and develop your…

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