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"Safety spot" while you get the baby and stroller unloaded- so that your older child isn't running out into traffic. Raising Kids, Tiny Humans, Child Safety, Future Baby, Future Kids, Baby Fever, Little People, Baby Love, Parenting Hacks

One of my new favorite kid things is something called the Parking Pal. I saw it on Baby Half Off and thought it was such a good idea (and price)...why not give it a try?! What is a Parking Pal you ask? Well it's a round magnet that you stick on the side of your car. It has a cute kid-friendly pattern on it as well as an outline of a handprint. When you are loading or unloading the car up (say at the grocery store) your child or children put their hands on the handprint. It's all about…

Hailey Oxenreider