Kindergarten first week

Make the first week of kindergarten unforgettable with these exciting activities. Engage your students and set the tone for a fun and successful school year.
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The back to school dreams have started, my room is almost ready, and summer has come to an end, which can only mean the first day of school is upon us! I wanted to spend some time today talking about all things Kindergarten, especially the first few weeks of school… The Good, The Bad, and...

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FREE FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN ACTIVITIES It is the first day of kindergarten! What do I teach? I have taught kindergarten both in the classroom and homeschooling my own daughters. After years of teaching kindergarten, I have come up with the perfect activities for the first day. I have do

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Does the first week of Kindergarten have you shaking in your boots? You are not alone! I've been at this for a little while now so you would think it would get easier with time but I am here to tell you it does not! I still get anxious right before school starts. What will they be like? Will I remember what to do at line up time? What if I don't set things up right and I mess up the whole rest of the year? (sounds dramatic but that is really what goes through my head!) I sat down as soon as…

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